Please take care of her

On the day of our marriage, my wife was very eager to get Maharaj’ darshan and seek his blessings. Somehow, we reached Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Temple just in time to get personal darshan with Maharaj. As we waited at the door of the temple hall, Maharaj came-up from the stairs, and stood right in front of us. One senior god-sister introduced us and conveyed the intent of our visit. Radhanath Swami with a very serious voice, but at the same time, one which was extremely loving and full of utmost concern, turned toward me and, with folded hands, looking straight into my eyes, said,”Please take care of her.” I was struck with wonder looking at his genuine feeling of anxiety, just as would be experienced by the father of a newly wed daughter, and his sincere request to me. Being the spiritual master, Maharaj could have had said the same thing as an instruction. But he decided to don the role of a father, and gave his instruction with a large dose of paternal love, and conveyed it in the form of a request.

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