Another set of logical points

… But please remember that the nature of mind is to ‘constantly accept and reject’. Just a month ago you were ready to shell out any amount of money to buy in <a particular residential project>. Your mind was willing to pay over <a huge amount of money> which is a ridiculous amount for a <a particular size of accommodation> in that god-forsaken-area. (Considering what that money could buy in other parts of <a particular city>). Later your mind had convinced you to buy a <the particular type of accommodation referred above> in <another residential project> where the price is decent. Now you are feeling that even the loan of <an amount which is a third of the amount mentioned above> (difference of <the two residential projects>) is too much. It is likely that in a couple of months you may feel otherwise.

Whatever decision we take we can always justify to ourselves with various logical points. The only problem is the mind presents us ‘with another set of logical points’ at a later time. We have no choice but to deal with this kind of perplexities in this material world…

– HG Krishna Kishore Prabhu

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