What is Guru? What is disciple?


A few important points from the life of Lokanath Goswami, disciple of Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

1.1) A devotee puts aside his/her own sentiments to serve the Lord, just like Lokanath Goswami went to meet Bhugarbha Goswami in Vrindavan on being asked to do so by the Lord just before the Lord decided to take sannyas; the Lord was supposed to come to Vrindavan

1.2) However, the Lord did not leave Puri, so Lokanath also went to meet Him in Puri

1.3) Before he was about to reach, he learned that Lord has left for South India

1.4) Frantically eager to meet the Lord, Lokanath decided to search the Lord in South India

1.5) As he was going, he learned that the Lord, has reached back to Puri

1.6) Lokanath decided to go to Puri, and then he kearned that the Lord had gone to Vrindavan, and on rushing to Vrindavan, he learned that the Lord had left Vrindavan and gone to Prayag

1.7) Lokanath decided to go to Prayag; however, the Lord came in his dream and told him to be in Vrindavan

2) Lokanath Goswami was given by a deity, Radha Vinoda, by Krishna Himself, because he had a very strong desire to serve a deity; he was in anxiety of how to serve the Lord; the Lord told him to go out and get something to cook and serve Him; he carried the deity in a cloth-bag around his neck

3) After some time he joined Rupa and Sanatan in Vrindavan; he along with Bhgarbha helped the 6 Goswamis to search the places of pastimes in Vrindavan

4) After Rupa and Sanatan left, Lokanath decided to leave his body, but he decided to continue because Lord Chaitanya had ordered him to initiate Narottam in due course of time; Lokanath considered himself to be unqualified to initiate Narottam; Narottam cleaned the place where Lokanath passed stool everyday to please his Guru, and did this for one full year; when Lokanath decided to find out who was doing it, he saw Narottam saw, and, in ecstacy spoke to Narottam that why was he doing such a menial service? Narottam was the son of a king, and had personal darshan of Lord Chaitanya; Narottam said: I have rejected all the wealth and luxury of this world, and achieved the treasure of humble service at the lotus feet of my Guru; nothing compares to the service executed at the lotus feet of Guru, and Krishna never forgets that service

5) Lokanath, then, accepted Narottam

This story explains how serious initiation is; it is not to get some social prestige; inittiation means to wholeheartedly to dedicate ones life to the service of Guru; most serious action which one can perform in one’ life; Srila Prabhupada accepted Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakur as his Guru the first time he saw him, but the external formality of initiation took place after 10 years

By the mercy of Guru, one gets Krishna, and vice-verse

* What is Guru?

1) One who is a servant of Krishna

2) One who is representing the parampara of great acharyas

3) One who is delivering the unadulterated message of pure love of Godhead through his words and actions

* What is disciple?

1) One who agrees to be disciplined

2) One who lives by the true principles of Bhakti

Of the 9 processes of devotional service, the most important is the chanting of the Holy Name.

Lord’ eternal sat-chit-ananda vigraha is revealed inside our heart, then His eternal qualities, then His abode, then the Lord enacts his pastimes, and then the Lord reveals our siddha-deha.

Thus, sankirtan is the perfect and complete process to receive the complete mercy of the Lord.

To achieve this, we must have great faith, which we get by our association with devotees.

Lord Chaitanya: A Vaishnava is one who,

1) one who always chants the Holy Names

2) associates with devotees in the spirit of the servant of the servant of the servant

3) avoid the association of materialistic people

Human life is meant for tapasya.

No matter how sincere we are to take our vows, the illusory will attack.

She will attack our faith, our enthusiasm by creating a sense of laziness and lethargy in our mind, she will present all kinds of attractive propositions to enjoy sinful activities.

Therefore, it is important to take a solemn vow, which will give us strength to overcome these obstacles.

Lord Chaitanya: What it means to take association of devotees?

1) Eager to hear from them

2) Eager to chant and dance with them

3) to serve the servants of the Lord’ servants

Pray to Krishna to help us to give-up our selfless desire to exploit.

Touching beads while chanting means to touch and serve the Lotus Feet of Lord Chaitanya.

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