Krishna is our only shelter

Maya is very clever and very powerful.

SP: Maya is as powerful as Krishna, but she is working under His direction.

Spiritual life is a battle against Maya; in a a battle, we have to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy. Maya knows us inside out; she knows just the place we are vulnerable- that’ where she strikes.

SP: Come in like a needle and out like a plough.

Maya knows this technique, and if we let her in, before too long we will find that she has come out like a plough.

The illusory energy is like a thief, trying to break into our house which has something very valuable- our devotion. Our senses are like the windows; if left open, Maya would sneak in, and rob us.

The materialist keep their door wide open- she walks in and out at will.

Devotees are very careful, Maya has to work hard and come by back door. Maya is grosser than the grossest and subtler than the subtlest.

However, she has only one weakness. She is also surrendered to Krishna. If Krishna is in our heart, then she does not enter.

Each species has a particular sense gratification to which it is attached the most, and a hunter knows that.

A moth is attracted to see nice things. It runs into fire and destroys itself.

An elephant is attracted to sex-life. A male elephant sees a female elephant and runs into a concealed ditch.

A bear is very attracted to music. They come right before the hunter when he plays his flute.

A bee is very attracted to the sense of smell. It goes into and gets trapped into a sweet smelling flower.

A fish is very attracted to good tasting food. It gets caught-up by a bait, with a piece of food attached to it.

Similarly if we allow any one sense to wander, we will be trapped.

Thus, a devotee has to very careful to engage his senses meaningfully in the service of the Lord.

Any other kind of activity would bind us in this world.

The duty of the Guru is to make sure that the disciple is fully engaged in the service of Krishna. Else, one would be swept away.

BVT: Tongue is the most difficult to control.

If we can control the tongue, all else can be controlled.

The tongue is very greedy- lobhi.

Therefore, its 2 functions of vibrating and tasting must constantly be engaged in Krishna. Always taste prasadam- not too much and not too little. Never engage in prajalpa- non-spiritual subject matters.

Srila Rupa Goswami: Prajalpa is the prime cause for spiritual fall down.

SP: When someone talks all nonsense, the Guru asks him to be quite (take a vow of silence) all through his life.

However, perfection of silence is to vibrate the name and glories of the Supreme Lord. By speaking only about Krishna, all our sense can be controlled by the mercy of Krishna.

In this Kali Yuga, the process is to constantly chant the names of the Lord. Always keeping the tongue filled with the names of the Lord is the only means of liberation. It is a very simple formula; but, it needs a sincere and earnest endeavour.

If we keep saintly association, and take shelter of the Holy Names of the Lord, then we can surely achieve the Lotus Feet of the Lord very soon.

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